Abby- my belly rub lover friend
Eddie- my picky eater friend
Acey- my bottled water only friend
Maggie and Bailey- my schnauzer friends
Aggie- my submissive rescue friend
Choppa, Bear, and Buddy- my wonderful pack
Birdie- my fast, cookie lover friend
Bobby- my frisbee friend
Caleb- my handsome food-loving man
Duncan- my "Chuck It" friend
Fievel- my squirrel-hunting friend
Emmy- my toy friend
Brooklyn F.- my yellow lab puppy friend
Charlie- my friend with beautiful eyelashes
Luna- my indoor/outdoor friend
Lexi- my lovebug swimming friend
Bubba- my balanced temperment friend
Paige- my most kissable princess friend
Koji- my pampered toy friend
Lila- my model-walker friend
Ky- my innocent eyes bully friend
Macy- my STRONG pitbull/boxer friend
Durban- my amazing German Shepard friend
Tyson- my lazy pitbull friend
Yogi- my vocal friend
Scooter- my chubby friend
Scout and Dani- my senior terrier friends
Nell- my typical feline friend
Quincy- my super-trained friend
Oslo- my "Smile" friend
Oscar- my beloved first client and now Godson
Koda- my HUGE Alaskan Malamute friend
Mac- my swimmer boxer friend
Penny- my puppy friend with fabulous recall skills
Strider- my foodie friend
Frankie- my American Bulldog friend
Niko- my back-sleeping friend
Petey- my loveable hard-of-hearing friend
Spike- my fiesty Jack Russel friend
Rocky- my senior friend
Gatsby- my gorgeous cat friend
Minnie- my tail-chasing friend
Callie- my dog-like friend
Stitch- my pleasantly-plump feline friend
Dakota- my well-groomed friend
Sookie- my playful kitten friend
Oliver- my city friend
Maxine- my cautiously-friendly friend
Ava- my high energy friend
Niko M. - my lab mix puppy friend
Tyson- my gentle boxer friend
Socks- my football friend
Jesse and Sticks- my off-leash friends
Jules- my little sausage
Brooklyn D. - my reluctant friend
Homer- my never-get-dirty friend
Spunky- my peeing machine friend
Otis- my happy-go-lucky Jack Russel
Gabbi- my forever young senior lab friend
Brady- my teacup yorkie friend
Reilly- my "Chuck It" friend #2
Petunia- my lounging friend
Oliver C.- my lovebug schnauzer
Lucy- my VERY special bulldog friend
Trigger- my very stylish friend
Thor- my BIG rescue boxer friend
Jada- my water and protein friend
Nellie and Luke- my backyard friends
Sadie- my German Shepard mix friend
Thunder- brother of Thor
Fausto- my calm puppy
NuNu- my Chinese friend
Tucker- too smart for his own good
MooShu- my first Shar Pei other than my own
Rosco- my sausage, my meatball
Sangria- my peaceful friend
Naiobi- my crazy Italian Mastiff
Waylon- my submissive pitbull friend
Trinity- my AWESOME pit
Cupcake- my sweet friend
Gus and Izzy- my mini daschunds
Olive- my social butterfly
Valentina aka Vallie- Duncan twin #2
Toby- my little deli meat munchkin
Lola- picture perfect Sammie
Chloe- My Queen
Troop- My tennis ball destroyer
Guapo- my handsome Dogo
Lady- can't get enough belly rubs
Moose,Bosco, and Otter- my 3 water dogs
Marley- my horse
Niko- my deliciousness
Sweetie- hotdog angel
Mila- my pug pup
Rilka- my circus dog
Mali- my malimute
Reily- my FOOD lover
Murphy- my intellect Australian Shepard
Vinny- my sweetheart
Izzy and Louie- my squirrel-chasing Westies
Truman and Madison- my horses/Danes
Gracie- my puppy love
Piper- my PERFECT German Shepard
Juliette- my diva
Cooper- my happy, goofy Golden
Harper- my Coonhound off leasher
Willow- my snuggle bunny
Sebastian- my big Yorkie
Zara and Finn- CHARMINS commercial
Taco- Yo Quiero Taco Bell

Sadie and Leila- my poodle puffs
Daisy and Ollie- My basset hounds
Scruffy- Don't worry Be Happy
Sampson and Zeus- a pit? really?
Chip- my blossoming Chocolate Chip
Sophie- Who's the Boss?
Beta- my fetching shepard